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to our foreign rights website which presents all titles that are available for foreign language editions. You can search our list by categories that are interesting to you and find an English synopsis and sometimes an English sample translation and press comments. If you are interested in receiving any reading copies or further information, you are welcome to contact us.

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Bestseller Self-Help/Psychology

Over a year on the bestseller list for RESILIENCE!

Two businessmen are bankrupted: how come one of them continues to bubble with new ideas while the other just throws in the towel? Why does a misplaced remark gnaw away at someone for days when others can simply shrug it off?

Christina Berndt studied the phenomenon of Resilience for many years and presents with this book every worth knowing fact and assistence to understand and develop your very own inner strength for a more balanced and fulfilled life.

  • RESILIENZ has been among the best 6 of the Paperback Bestseller list for 55 consecutive weeks now (currently rank 6)
  • 90.000 copies sold
  • Rights sold to Italy, Denmark, Korea, Romania
Bestselling Bavarian Crime Novels!

Bestselling Bavarian Crime Novels!

Over two million copies sold!


In 2010, Rita Falk scored a surprise bestseller with her debut crime novel Winterkartoffelknödel, followed quickly by four more and equally successful novels about country police officer Franz Eberhofer. Over 2 million copies of her crime novels have been sold to date and her books are being filmed for TV and cinema. Her stories are as much about crime as about family, friends and relationships, and throw a loving but revealing look at all of them, combined with a strong sense of quirky, dry humor.