A Love Out of Nothing

Ultimately, this is the story of a father and daughter. Barbara Honigmann describes her childhood in East Berlin, the perpetual travelling back and forth between her separated parents, and why she turned her back on the GDR and moved to Paris.

Berlin, Weimar, Paris: just place names and ports of call, always travelling but never arriving. In Love From Nothing, Barbara Honigmann explores themes familiar to her readers; but here, her father is also an unknown foreign land, and it is not until he dies that she discovers the truth about his life.

Press acclaim for A Love Out of Nothing:

“Barbara Honigmann tells a melancholy tale of travelling but never arriving, of returning without staying, of an escape that is really a pursuit” - Manuela Reichart, in DIE ZEIT

“This is a book of subtle beauty. There’s no other way of putting it.” - Uta-Maria Heim, in Stuttgarter Zeitung


dtv Literatur
112 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-13716-4
1. November 2008