Frau Sartoris

At first sight, Margarethe Sartoris seems a perfectly normal, unassuming woman. She lives in a small German village and respects her lethargic, routine-bound husband Ernst, loves her mother-in-law and has a headstrong daughter. Even though she refuses to allow herself any high-flying expectations, her desire for true love still smoulders. Frau Sartoris hurls herself into a torrid affair and starts making plans to escape from the provinces with her lover. But when he leaves her high and dry, the deserted woman refuses to direct the fury of her disappointment inwards…

Press acclaim:

“A homage to dramatic heroines and all the lovers in all the novels. Emma Bovary lives on…”
Der Tagesspiegel

"A story of rapture and revenge... Schmitter captures precisely the nuances of sexual obsession.'
Literary Review

'A triumph of understated emotion.'

'A modern-day Madame Bovary... suspense saturates this novel.'
Daily Telegraph


dtv Literatur
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-14170-3
1. November 2012
Rights sold: English language, Turkey