The Airship

Senior Councillor Neise has decided to cross the Atlantic to America in the luxurious zeppelin Berlin. It’s the 1920s, the world is filled with motion and Neise is eager to escape the humdrum routine of his desk job. But it soon becomes all too evident that there’s something fishy going on aboard the airship. The Berlin is taking a mysterious route across the ocean through a blanket of fog, and the very dimensions of space and time seem to be evaporating as unadulterated chaos begins to infiltrate the saloons and cabins. Gradually it dawns on Neise that things aren’t quite the same when seen from the perspective of a thousand metres above the sea in a highly flammable airship.

Stefan aus dem Siepen recounts an outrageous, fascinating odyssey in a realistic and convincing manner. A novel imbued with intelligent irony that spirits the reader away to a realm of comic absurdity.

Press acclaims:
» Time, the world itself – here they become an airship.« Die Welt
»A fanciful tale recounted in twenties style throughout; evocative, full of irony, very funny and delightfully old-fashioned.« Brigitte
»The author has a commendable feel for linguistic rhythm and an unerring instinct for surreal ambience (...)« Märkische Allgemeine
»A veritable panopticon of whimsical characters reminiscent of the paintings of Otto Dix. ...] a tightly-woven tapestry of imagery, tableaux, events and dialogue merged with deft ease, great wit and a feather-light touch. Ambitious, sophisticated and entertaining in the best possible sense.« NDR Kultur


dtv Literatur
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-14513-8
26. August 2016