This series on the philosophy of passions is a search for a free time in the truest sense of the word, when the everyday ego takes "time out" and loses itself in the passionate pursuit of sports, hobbies or tricks. The authors describe their passions subjectively, likably and self-ironically, even satirically.

Peter Würth tells us of the great joys and the small sufferings of a gardener. He finds calm, composure and harmony in his garden, even humility toward nature. He paints a verbal picture of the sunflowers that block his view when he just wished for a little yellow, the snails that eat up his lupines, the lilies that, offended at having to stand in the second row, stop growing. A gardener will be passionately determined to do justice to all; pulling out weeds will become an addiction. He will lose all sense of time searching for the secrets of the little patch of land, which, in the end, will thank him for his troubles almost every time.


dtv Sachbuch
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-20036-3
Mai 1997