Life After Love

If you’re nearing forty and your husband suddenly dumps you, after ten years of marriage, and he has the gall to do it over the phone, it’s bound to come as a bit of a blow. This is exactly what happens one fine evening to Christine. A publisher’s sales rep who is always on the road, she is at that moment sitting on her sister’s sofa. What should she do? Even though she is in crisis, there is still a need for her to take action – that’s what her sister Ines and her many girlfriends decide, and they recommend that for starters she should move out of the marital home and into a flat of her own. It’s only once she’s installed there that she realises the true extent of her problems – constantly asking herself why he walked out, getting used to being on her own so suddenly, organising her daily life and, last but not least, trying to boost her tattered self-confidence again. But as her friend Marlene says: » Darling, in six months’ time you’ll be laughing about it all.« Whether that’s really the case is what Dora Heldt tells us about in this uplifting, humorous novel about starting life afresh.

Man gone, love-life kaput, it’s all over? That’s what you think! Life begins at forty.


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21006-5
1. August 2007
Rights sold: Czech Republic, English Language