Hendrikje – Down But Not Out

To be honest, Hendrikje had her life pretty well under control. In the daytime she slogged away as a waitress in a café, and at night she would paint in her cheap studio. It looked as though she would soon be able to hold an exhibition of her work, until suddenly her whole life starts to collapse around her – and over Christmas, of course, when else? Her boyfriend dumps her, her grandma dies, the studio burns down, and because it is allegedly a case of arson, the insurance company refuses to pay up. In the space of 24 hours Hendrikje is suddenly plunged into debt, alone and utterly miserable. And because her first attempt at suicide is a pathetic failure, her friends promise they’ll help her out next time round. Except that in the end it is not Hendrikje who dies, but rather two of her friends. If it weren’t for Paula the little punk and, above all, dopey old Bruno, Hendrikje would lose all faith in mankind.


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21031-7
1. November 2007