Cold Store for Rent

The third book in the cult Cold Store series:

Evil is always and everywhere – even in cold stores

Cologne is in the grip of a midsummer heatwave, and people are dying like flies. But that’s not the only reason things are frantic at the pathology institute: the offices have to be evacuated due to asbestos contamination, plus several foreign-looking corpses have been found with traces of anaesthetic in their systems. What’s more, the institute’s new director has the brilliant idea of renting empty cold stores to overcrowded undertakers, which only adds to the general confusion. So when, on top of all that, organs start going missing, Dr Gänsewein has really had enough. He commissions Pascha, the not-quite-dead ghost of a common car thief, to get to the bottom of all these incidents. The new director of the institute is acting suspiciously, as is Viktor, the elderly Russian watchman. But Viktor’s drop-dead gorgeous granddaughter Irina distracts Pascha to such an extent that he ends up embroiled in a new and immensely dangerous affair involving human guinea pigs, the Russian mafia and organised crime – and it’s the white coat kind, instead of white collar…

Press acclaim for Cold Store 4 and Cold Store Next Door

  • “Just two words say it all: dead funny!” Für Sie

  • “A madcap trip into the Cologne underworld. Offbeat, entertaining, in your face.” Brigitte

Volume: 3


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21256-4
1. Dezember 2010