A Bedtime Book for the Highly Gifted

How Geniuses Fall Asleep

“If you want to have original ideas, you need to sleep well”, as Pablo Picasso knew, although he himself often lay awake at night. Ordinary people make do with counting sheep, watching television, reading or drinking camomile tea. The highly gifted, on the other hand, are plagued by insomnia particularly frequently and as you would expect they dream up more inventive solutions – such as walking in circles (favoured by French Renaissance writer Montaigne), setting up tin soldiers in a line (Frederic the Great), learning poems off by heart (Karl Marx), stringing beads (Maria Montessori), or contemplating characters from the Korean alphabet (Woody Allen). Dietmar Bittrich describes the sleepless nights of a variety of highly gifted people, and their ingenious tricks for finally dropping off.

Press acclaim for A Bedtime Book for the Highly Gifted

  • A highly entertaining and informative book. Wonderful anecdotes!

- Ruhr Nachrichten


dtv Sachbuch
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21267-0
3. Auflage 2012