You Must Burn

A field near Frankfurt: chained to a stake, the charred body of a woman. Shortly afterwards the gruesome scenario is repeated. Women are being burned like witches in the Middle Ages. Police reporter Norman Jacobi finds religious symbols at both crime scenes: could they be clues? Jacobi scents a major story, while historian Katharina Beck just hopes the investigation will help her finally lay her past to rest. As the case unfolds, they discover more deliberate clues—they are clearly being watched, followed, threatened, yet unequivocally encouraged to continue their search. They realise they are pawns in a game with rules beyond their comprehension. Nonetheless, they have no choice but to carry on—because suddenly Jacobi’s girlfriend Rebecca disappears…

The cleverly written opening volume of a series featuring police reporter Norman Jacobi and historian Katharina Beck, complete with a staggering climax and an unexpected twist in the tail.

Praise for You Must Burn:
»Uhlmann has written a remarkable debut that not only compares well with the best German thrillers but can also easily stand alongside international competition.«
- Hanauer Anzeiger
Volume: 1


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21552-7
1. November 2014