It happened in Schöneberg

Leo Wechsler's fifth case

Berlin, 1927: during a fashion show at the Café Romanesque, it emerges that two of the models’ outfits have been tampered with—impregnated with a contact poison in what appears to be a deliberate assault on the Morgenstern & Fink fashion house. Is an envious competitor behind the assault? Shortly afterwards, a man’s body is found in Schöneberg and the investigators come across a Morgenstern & Fink brochure in his apartment…

Leo Wechsler, now Chief Commissioner with the Berlin CID, is entrusted with the investigation.

Press reviews:

“Susanne Goga skilfully combines an intricate detective story with period atmosphere ...] and a team of investigators which is not only endowed with supreme detective instincts but also credible backstories [...] Very entertaining reading.”
- Focus on Mord in Babelsberg

“Susanne Goga’s writing encapsulates the pre-Third Reich zeitgeist in a universally comprehensible fashion. Stunning.”
- Kamikaze Radio on Mord in Babelsberg

Volume: 5


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21622-7
22. Januar 2016