Tidal Game

BODYGUARD: the word that a dying man attempts to scratch into the ground with the last of his strength. A word that leads to Nicolas Guerlain, a bodyguard employed by the French government. Nicolas realizes that a connection exists to the festivities at Normandy on June 6, the memorial day for the Allied invasion. Attacks have seemingly been planned for this day. Of all people, unexpected assistance is provided by Julie, his former partner who has surprisingly reappeared. But can he really trust her? Who is friend, who is foe? And thus begins a murderous competition against time.

Back in service - and in prime form: the charismatic bodyguard Nicolas Guerlain

“Normandy is the ideal setting for the complex series about Nicolas Guerlain. It’s all about the melancholy atmosphere on the coast and the faded charms of the beach resorts. Nicolas’ character has been colored by this atmosphere.” Benjamin Cors on the topic of his Normandy crime series.

  • Benjamin Cors’ novel Jetsam won the 2016 Glauser Prize—Germany’s most prestigious crime award—for the best debut crime novel
  • “With Jetsam, Franco-German political journalist Benjamin Cors has raised the bar for French detective novels in Germany.” Glauser Prize jury
Volume: 3


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21773-6
28. Februar 2019