A Normandy mystery: A new case for Nicolas Guerlain

Experience Normandy’s dark side with Benjamin Cors

Fear has settled across Vieux-Port. The town’s residents are terrified of an old curse that predicts they will all die in a flooding of the Seine. When the first victim dies, the mayor asks for Nicolas Guerlain’s help - but he turns down the request. At least, until another body appears. The priest has died an agonizing death in a tub full of river water. Nicolas travels to Normandy and restlessly stalks through Vieux-Port’s silent streets, struggling to make any progress on this case - until it is almost too late.

“An atmospheric mystery with French flair.” Susanne Walsleben in Für Sie on Strandgut

  • A slightly darker version of Martin Walker´s “Bruno, Chief of Police”
  • The new crime novel by Glauser award winner Benjamin Cors
  • Très français: A tough detective with a weakness for chansons and the heart of a romantic
Volume: 4


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
432 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21919-8
21. Februar 2020