Lemon Sun

Sometimes happiness is just lying, discarded, on the street...

Romy, 36, is running a fairly unsuccessful food truck. When several disastrous things happen all at once – the permit to her unattractive parking spot at the train station is cancelled, she is threatened with some rather hefty tax payments, and her boyfriend breaks up with her – her life is in shambles.
She reluctantly agrees to sell her beloved truck to her obnoxious neighbour Leonard, but only under one condition… She wants to travel with it one final time to Italy, where street food artist Quinto is supposedly living, a kind of culinarily-oriented Banksy. To her dismay, Leonard stipulates a condition, too. He wants to come along with her to Italy.
So, unexpectedly, a crazy, adventurous and memorable road trip begins, one that takes many long detours before leading to happiness.

• A passionate cook, an annoying but very attractive neighbor, and a secretive street food artist: the best ingredients for a road trip to happiness


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21948-8
23. April 2021