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Out of Black Water

The sea is the source of all life - and it conceals a deadly threat

In her company car, highly respected scientist and Minister of the Interior Dr. Patricia Kohlbeck hurtles without stopping into the Spree River. Her daughter Maja is sitting in the passenger seat and the last sentence she hears before her mother drowns is: “You can’t trust anyone. They’re all involved.”

Maja dies as well, but a short time later, she wakes up unhurt – in a body bag in the hospital. How could this happen? She sets off in search of answers, which she gets from various people, including Prof. Arthur Stein, her mother’s long-time research partner and lover. And then there is Efrail, who pulled Maja out of the sinking car. She feels strongly attracted to the young man – but she doesn’t know yet that he is actually the enemy.

As Maja tries to find answers, one devastating natural disaster after another happens. And against her will, she ends up caught up in a conflict generated by lies, intrigue and power struggles, the consequences of which will be fatal.

  • Brilliantly written, bestselling author Anne Freytag focuses on one of the most controversial topics of our age: environmental destruction
  • Deep, authentic characters and special twists


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608 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-23019-3
3. Auflage 2020