The Family Health Book

The prominent doctor and television journalist Dr. Marianne Koch has written a book on health which explains the functions of the human body and its most frequent illnesses, as well as their prevention and treatment. Only by staying informed can a person stay healthy.

The author describes the heart and blood vessels, breathing, muscles, bone structure, digestion, hormones, the immune system and the human body as a whole. Dr. Koch elaborates on the most frequent infections and chronic diseases and their possibilities of treatment. One chapter is devoted to the fact that a healthy body needs a healthy soul.

The book is a highly informative and attractively arranged reference work.

Marianne Koch is an adherent to classical medicine but is also open to established alternative healing methods. A balanced, conscious way of nourishing oneself stands at the top of her self-help possibilities but is not the only good advice she gives readers who want to enjoy a healthy life.


dtv Ratgeber
448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24421-3
8. Auflage 2011
Rights sold: China