Our Children’s Health

Our children are the future – raising them to be young individuals that are physically and mentally healthy is a responsibility that concerns parents, relatives and teachers alike.

Bestselling author Dr. Marianne Koch, with her established expertise and vivid style of writing, explains the various different phases of development that children go through –starting with the formation of the child’s brain and the dawning of self-awareness, all the way through to the rebelliousness that inevitably comes with puberty. She also considers the ages at which they most need encouragement and support, as well as the part music, literature, sports and physical exercise play in their overall development. In her exploration she also adresses issues such as how much television children should be allowed to watch, the merits or otherwise of video- and computer games, as well as consumer pressure, mob violence and bad eating habits.

With unrivalled skill, Marianne Koch is able to show how physical and mental capacities evolve and how parents can best promote their children’s healthy development.


dtv Ratgeber
280 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24588-3
1. Juni 2007
Rights available again: Italy