Homicide Squad

Where horror is routine

A dead baby in the rubbish bin and dismembered body parts in plastic bags: when your daily business consists of dealing with murder and manslaughter, suffering and fear, despair and hatred, you can’t afford to be of a delicate disposition. Instead, you need keen insight into human nature, good intuition, and a broad knowledge ranging from the law to crisis intervention tactics. In the movies this kind of work is the stuff of fast-paced thrillers, but in truth it means perseverance and hard work.

Describing real-life cases, Richard Thiess offers us insights into the work of a police detective, including the psychological aspects: how does the investigator feel when he finally gets a conviction, and how do you tell parents that their daughter has been brutally murdered? Everyday life is at least as gripping as any crime novel, if not more so.


dtv Sachbuch
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24796-2
2. Auflage, Mai 2010