Fear of Evil

Lilly and Paul, 15 and 16, have been best friends since they were little, though they could hardly be more different. While Lilly’s rebellious behaviour rubs people up the wrong way and brings her into constant conflict with everyone around her, Paul is extremely reserved and his classmates think of him as a bit of a wimp.

During a class outing, loudmouthed bully Sven coerces Paul into joining his gang when they attack a young homeless man. What the boys don’t know is that the young man dies as a result of the beating, and his father – himself a violently unpredictable type – has set out to avenge his death. After all, the ‘evil ones’ fully deserve punishment – an eye for an eye, right?

For a long time, only the reader knows of the storm that’s brewing – there are hints in the prologue and a series of flashbacks and perspective shifts that help put the puzzle together – but when Sven is pushed under a train, his death is just the beginning of a nightmare...


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24931-7
1. September 2012