The Semolina Dumpling Affair

Franz Eberhofer's fourth case

There’s trouble afoot in Niederkaltenkirchen once again. A policeman is found dead – and the last person who saw him alive was Franz Eberhofer! The dead cop was Eberhofer's immediate superior and arch-enemy, and the two of them had just had a huge row. Worse still, the murder weapon was Franz’s hunting knife, so it goes without saying he’s the prime suspect.

To confound things further, an elderly stranger turns up on Eberhofer’s estate. His grandmother knew the old man at some point in the distant past and offers to put him up. The whole affair is highly mysterious – even more so when Granny develops a sudden interest in cut-price lingerie…

Press acclaim for Winter Potato Dumplings:

Rita Falk’s wonderful provincial crime novel Winter Potato Dumplings has been topping bestseller lists for months on end – hardly surprising: events in the fictional village of Niederkaltenkirchen are just too funny for words! Main-Echo

Rita Falk’s style is quirky and offbeat – simply sensational! She uses only the finest ingredients to cook up her brilliant debut. With a combination of unique style and a distinctive protagonist in the form of Franz Eberhofer, Rita Falk stands head and shoulders above the mass of detective novelists. But it’s more than just eccentricity – Falk effortlessly maintains the suspense throughout this deliciously hilarious debut novel. Alex Dengler – Germany’s foremost literary critic

Volume: 4


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24942-3
Oktober 2012
Rights sold: Turkey, Latvia, Hungary