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See Venice and Steal

Venice is in the throes of the biennale and awash with tourists. Harry Oldenburg throws himself into the fray. He and his girlfriend Zoe are planning to relieve the Guggenheim Museum of two valuable exhibits. But in the sizzling summer heat, the well-hatched plan goes pear-shaped: Harry finds himself in the bed of seductive artist Franca and discovers a corpse in her studio. When Zoe joins her lover in Venice, she is not amused but is nevertheless willing to help him on his raids. Too bad she’s frequently feeling rather queasy of late...

Always a stickler for detail Krischan Koch checked the possibilities of hiding a stolen painting at the Venice Guggenheim Museum – thanks to his wife’s assistance he is now certain that a Miró will not fit in the Ladies’ cubicles.

A neatly packaged murder mystery, satire, art and travel guide.

Volume: 2


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-25437-3
13. April 2022