The Good Old Days

Our memory of the past is often rose-tinted, but this joyful look back is entirely justified: Nostalgia gives our life a sense of meaning and security, as well as making us happy.

Daniel Rettig examines the power of nostalgia under four main headings—history, psychology, neurology and economics—and comes to the conclusion that it has a profound influence on our self-esteem and sense of community, our buying decisions and memories. We associate smells and sounds with people, places and experiences—in fact nostalgia is an emotion that embraces all the senses and keeps us under its spell from childhood to old age. In this exciting and informative discussion Rettig explains why this is so, and analyses what makes for the all-pervasive force of nostalgia.


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26013-8
1. Dezember 2013