The Giant

Tilman Wölzinger was supposed to be a roofer – just like his father and grandfather before him – but it wasn’t long before his size prevented him from following in the footsteps of his forbears. At seventeen he reached a height of two meters six, and now, at two metres thirty-nine, he is the tallest man in Germany. As Tilman continues to gain in height, he loses his girlfriend and his job but becomes a media sensation, his fame increasing in proportion to his size. However he doesn’t just grow taller, he grows in other ways too, learning to play the piano and becoming a discerning reader. But before long his frame outstrips its surroundings; too tall for his parental home, he has a log cabin of sorts built, where he is able to retreat from his petit-bourgeois origins. He is now a giant by profession – and learns how to make the best of it. But ultimately his life is threatened by his size – if he keeps on growing, his heart will eventually fail him.

Stefan aus dem Siepen tells the touching story of a man who grows to be an outsider and comes to see it as an advantage. A poignant novel full of surprising twists, imbued with gentle irony.


dtv Literatur
Originalausgabe, 200 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26025-1
1. April 2014
Rights sold: France, Korea