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Yes I can! Learning the power of assertiveness

Overambitious colleagues taking credit for others’ achievements, petulant bosses, supercilious waiters and road-hogs—all too often we respond to them with impotent silence or even a forced smile. Why don’t we just say what we think, stand up for ourselves in a confident and self-assured manner and show some backbone? Why do we prefer to back down instead of risking conflict? Why are we so terrified of rubbing people up the wrong way and making ourselves unpopular?

Based on a wealth of examples from her coaching practice, Diana Dreeßen shows us why it’s worthwhile making our needs, feelings and points of view crystal clear, setting well-defined boundaries and meeting criticism head-on.


dtv Ratgeber
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26050-3
5. Auflage 2015