What people learn from life

Some people leave a lasting impression because they seem to know more about life then we do. When Peter Wagner met such a person—a landlady who had recently lost her son yet nevertheless managed to exude warmth and cordiality—he couldn’t get the question out of his mind: What can we do that will allow us to look back and conclude that our lives were well-lived? Wagner decided to interview people from all age groups and backgrounds about the insights they have gained over the course of their lives. The result is a metaphysical road movie, an extraordinary foray into the everyday. Far from focussing exclusively on core tenets, the author takes a lively interest in the stories behind them.

A book that distils the essence of existence and shows us how we can transform our lives by asking ourselves and others the right questions.

• vivid, stimulating and thought-provoking


dtv Sachbuch
220 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26053-4
1. November 2014