Germany's Worst Offenders

A commissioner reports

Stephan Harbort, police commissioner and profiler, describes eight spectacular cases featuring dangerous and unpredictable criminals who put public safety at risk. But his account is not just about the crimes and the fates of those who commit them, it’s about their victims too. And last but not least it’s about the people in the background who contributed to these crimes happening in the first place—those who set the perpetrators off on the wrong path. Does society prepare the crime that the criminal commits? This book is about the evil in our midst; about our fears; about our security. It’s a book about us all.

Authentic and accurate, unsparing and atmospheric, gritty and gripping. Harbort is a real pro, whose descriptive language draws us into its spell, keeping the reader captivated from first page to last.


dtv Sachbuch
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26054-1
1. Februar 2015