Anyone Can Be Alone

Ellen (45), Kim (16), Rosa (70), Robert (69), Konrad (72), Justus (22), and Hans (50). What do these people have in common? They live together— for very different reasons and not entirely of their own volition. They are squatting a dilapidated villa and doing their best to get used to the new circumstances in their own unique ways. Two of them are mothers who don’t always manage to understand their children; two are daughters who only very rarely get on with their mothers.Two aren’t what they claim to be—and one of them isn’t really there at all. Some are in love, and one has to die. There are plenty of secrets afoot—and it’s not always the butler that did it.

• Three female protagonists whose hearts are in the right place: clever, offbeat and sometimes rather cheeky.Press acclaim for Anyone Can be Alone

My heart kept jumping for joy as I read this, because this German author writes so incredibly well. You’d be hard put to find more amusing entertainment.
- www.literaturmarkt.info

Volume: 1


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26060-2
1. Juni 2015