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Raven Women

It is 1959, and friends Ruth and Christa are enjoying their last summer holidays before the school leaving exams. During a lunchtime swim they meet Erich, a young man who is a member of a group of evangelical Christians. Little do they know Christa will soon secretly be accompanying Erich to Chile to collaborate in the founding of the Colonia Dignidad.

Employing a split timeline and a dual perspective, Anja Jonuleit tells the story of the notorious German Colonia Dignidad in Chile – from the perspective of Ruth, who has been left behind, and later through the eyes of her daughter Anne. The colony was home to a radical Christian sect, completely cut off from the outside world and actively involved in human rights violations during the Pinochet dictatorship. The German colony’s founder and leader, who later became a fugitive, was recently convicted on charges of the sexual abuse of minors.

• Deeply moving women’s literature: Anja Jonuleit succeeds brilliantly in breaking down the complex subject of the Colonia Dignidad, transposing it to the personal level by following the fortunes of two women.
• The real-life backdrop lends this book an utterly captivating explosive force.
• You find yourself flying through the pages – at once riveted and appalled – looking for answers which can never be found.

Praise for Raven Women:

“A moving book that leads you into the abyss. You will never forget it.” Sibylle Peine (dpa), Offenbach Post

“A relentless book that inspires reflection.” Indra Lindenau, Weser Kurier


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26104-3
27. Mai 2016