Oh My God, the Church!

The number of church-goers has been decreasing steadily over recent years as people withdraw from organised religion en masse. Martin Urban argues that the Protestant church has only itself to blame – it has forgotten its original credo of enlightenment and is becoming ever more conservative and fundamentalist in its outlook. An increasing number of intellectuals are abandoning Protestantism, further reducing any chance of an intelligent dialogue. But it’s not only the Protestants who are given short shrift here: Urban settles accounts with the officials of both of Germany’s main religious denominations.
He debunks reactionaries and evangelists worldwide, describing their disconcerting influence on the uppermost echelons of politics. By way of many quotes and examples, he exposes the frequently outrageous absurdity of church officials’ ivory tower stance and conduct, appealing to their sense of ideological self-criticism.


dtv Sachbuch
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26118-0
2. Auflage 2016