The Weisswurst Connection

Niederkaltenkirchen goes twenty-first century!

When a luxury spa-hotel opens up in Niederkaltenkirchen, half the village is up in arms. Then, before long a dead body turns up in one of the hotel’s marble bathtubs and it looks like another case for Franz Eberhofer—just when things are going swimmingly with Susi, too! Franz’s friend and former colleague Rudi Birkenberger is a bit out of sorts, leaving Franz to face a difficult decision. Let’s hope he manages to stay on top of the situation, because it looks like he might well be heading off on the wrong track this time around…

• Niederkaltenkirchen is shaken to its very foundations—while Franz Eberhofer falls victim to his unspoken urge to play happy families

Press acclaims:
“With her black humor, Rita Falk’s Weisswurstconnection once again sends us readers into tears of laughter.” Freundin, November 2016

“Rita Falk’s regional crime novels are cult favorites.” Luise Forkel, bild.de, November 2016

“The crime author’s literary skill is silkily fluid and as gentle as a brook, although it can sometimes sweep you along like a raging wild stream.” Walter Prankl, kultur-punks.ch, January 2017

Volume: 8


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26127-2
11. November 2016