Why you deserve more—and how to get it
Why you deserve more—and how to get it How do we distinguish our parents’ role in our lives from their private existence as a couple? How do we resolve conflicts in our blended and extended families—and how do we deal with the inevitable discord? What are my needs, what are yours, and how do we reconcile them? And what about our secret yearnings and fantasies?
Nowadays almost anything goes as far as love is concerned—but our openness and laissez-faire attitude have made for a whole new set of problems. Divorce rates stand at over 50%, and whether the cause is arguments, lack of commitment or the inability to sustain a relationship, everyone is suffering.
Manuel Tusch draws on insights and experiences gained in many years of practice to provide scientifically-based choices that have been field-tested. The book is complemented by helpful tips and self-coaching techniques to enhance our communication skills and help us to get what we deserve.

• shedding light on our needs: how do we tick?
• an in-depth psychological self-test: what type am I, in love and life?
• step-by-step guide: How to find mutual happiness


dtv Ratgeber
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26133-3
13. Januar 2017