Your stupidity makes me puke

Think first, post later...

It’s incredible but true—threats to the German way of life lie in wait around every corner. Feminists are trying to blag their way to the top on the positive discrimination ticket; irksome veggies occupying the moral high ground spoil your barbecue with their politically correct renunciation of meat—and then, worst of all, there’s Johnny Foreigner, who can’t put a foot right anyway.
Social media and the German online community provide a rich breeding ground with abundant pickings for the terminally stupid and those imbued with an unsavoury predilection for hatred and mockery. Conspiracy theories and misinformation are peddled and shared a thousand times over on a daily basis. Whether it’ the economy, media or politics, everyone has some axe to grind. And this applies not only to far right political movements like Dresden’s PEGIDA Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West]. Turn over enough stones online and you’ll be surprised at what will crawl out from under them.

• an unflinching critique of mind-numbingly stupid conspiracy theorists
- arte


dtv Sachbuch
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26136-4
3. Auflage 2017