What to do about Jihadists

A Policy Approach to the War on Terror

Frustrated by what he sees as patchwork politics, Omid Nouripour presents a tangible political approach for dealing with Islamist terror in terms of both internal and foreign policy. He holds that "IS" can be defeated by adopting a prudent combination of ideological, military, political and monetary resources.

The war against "IS" has to be of utmost priority (as is currently the case only in Iraq). Capping its revenue streams is of pivotal importance (q.v. the Panama Papers). Iraq is the key to success, not Syria. But even more dangerous than the Middle East are those African countries with weak state structures, or Pakistan with its nuclear bomb. The architecture of security requires fundamental change. We’ve spent fifteen years fighting the War on Terror to no avail, and it’s about time we considered other strategies.

· the first book by an active politician offering a comprehensive concept for domestic and foreign policy

· based on the author’s formidable wealth of experience and his unique knowledge of local conditions


dtv Sachbuch
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26155-5
4. August 2017