France and the Rise of the Front National

What’s stirring up France – and who’s doing the stirring?

The relentless advance of the Front National is changing the French political landscape. Marine le Pen, the party’s head, is quite clearly reaching out for presidency. Julia Heyer describes how the Front National has become increasingly slick and professional and how it manages to attract such untold levels of support among the French electorate. Le Pen has managed to turn her party into a viable option for academics and the well-off.

“French political discourse has been driven by excessive emotion, if not outright hysteria, for far too long. What we need to do is analyse the causes of the virulent expansion of the Front National and its penetration of one demographic stratum after another; we need to consider effective strategies and offer viable alternatives.” Heyer takes a close look at the party’s leading lights, Marine le Pen and her niece Marion Marechal le Pen, as well as various other influential players. Describing recent developments in French society, the book examines the causes and consequences of the Front National’s overwhelming success in the light of the rise of right wing political parties across all of Europe.


dtv Sachbuch
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26156-2
7. Juli 2017