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Scorched Almonds

How Climate Change Is Reaching Our Kitchen Tables

What foods will the future serve up?

We’ve become blithely accustomed to a whole range of foods and drinks due to their ready availability: from staples such as meat, early crop potatoes, cereals, coffee and tea to almonds, tomatoes, citrus fruit and red wine. But this agreeable state of affairs is unlikely to last. Changing weather conditions, too much rain or too little, extremes of drought, frosts and heatwaves – as well as ever new strains of pesticide-resistant parasites—are endangering the world’s harvests, leading to cost increases and shifts in agricultural areas. In this book, established experts consider the effects of climate change on ten of our most popular staples. How do we prepare for the future? What alternatives are there?

· a scientifically based look at a hot topic

  • revelatory and rousing
  • for all those concerned with sustainable consumption and a healthy diet


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26157-9
4. August 2017
Rights sold: France