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Sometimes, Life is Elsewhere

Welcome to Gregor’s World

“You look very pretty today,” Gregor told the clerk at the indoor pool. A tiny, astonished smile brightened the woman’s face…

Gregor is fourteen and somehow different. He wears strange clothes, has a very strict sense of tidiness, loves garish patterns, and knows all of the day’s weather reports. Usually awkward in everyday situations, he addresses the people he encounters with disarming forthrightness. When Gregor’s mother is injured in a serious accident, Gregor must move in with his aunt and uncle. Initially, Judith and Achim have no idea what to do with the “nutjob.” However, with his unconventional manner, Gregor manages to charm a smile from even the unfriendliest of neighbors. And suddenly everyone starts talking to each other again - even Judith and Achim.

- A warm-hearted and original “Forrest Gump” story
- An unconventional hero who makes the world a better place


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26161-6
9. Februar 2018