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Home Made in India

A love story between Delhi and Berlin

“In order to love India, I had to get to know Germany again.”

Indians, Germans, and an author seeking to answer the question: What is home? Since his marriage to Indian native Saskya, Christopher Kloeble is a notarized “Person of Indian Heritage.” In this insightful, nuanced, amusing book, he strives to convey what it feels like to be suspended between two cultures. Of course, cliches and preconceptions abound here as well as there - Indians enjoy chiding Germans for their impatience and dogmatism, while Germans frequently have very exotic stereotypes about life in India. For example: Did Saskya ride an elephant to school? Kloeble describes the communication problems and cultural differences that exist between his two homes. However, his main focus is on the people he has met: Siddhi, the sheltered princess and politician; Kalu, the dreamy driver with a penchant for rose water. Each person he meets provides him with access points to this new land. Will he succeed at creating a home for himself in Delhi as well as Berlin?

- An intelligent, entertaining book about a person trying to create a new home for himself two worlds spanning
- An enchanting love story


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26172-2
4. August 2017