You Don’t Have To Go Away To Get Where You Are

Paths to a Self-Determined Life

Are you about to make major changes once more?

In their efforts to harmoniously reconcile career and family, women are especially susceptible to putting themselves under serious pressure. They achieve professional success, and their partners and children lack for nothing, yet their own needs are frequently unfulfilled. Women often end up subordinating their own wishes to others’ desires.

Does this sound familiar to you? It does not have to be like this, as Diana Dreeßen will show you through her numerous practical tips personalized for varying personality types. Following the step-by-step recommendations and focusing on what is most essential to you, you will arrive at where you need to be: yourself.

From the table of contents: The Art of Knowing when to Call it Quits / I would if I could… / Energy Thieves and Bloodsuckers / Uncovering Your Personal Sabotage Mechanisms / Using the Magical Moments / How to Overcome Hurdles with Ease

- Numerous case studies and easily adoptable tips
- It’s all a question of type: approaches for various character types


dtv Ratgeber
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26176-0
10. November 2017