Alicia’s Hunt for a Mandarin Duck

Three friends in their mid-forties, a turbulent trip through China and a cascade of incredible surprises

Alicia and Theo, Didi and Gregor: two married couples in their mid-forties who happen to be friends. When Gregor is killed in an accident, the group’s equilibrium is compromised, since Gregor, the charmer and rogue, was its unacknowledged epicenter. The three others eventually decide - for very different reasons - to undertake a trip to China in memory of Gregor. There they are confronted with a culture completely foreign to them. In their own unique ways, each of them copes with the daily challenges - sometimes bizarre and funny, sometimes serious and momentous - that face them. A trip that will test their friendship and their relationship to one another.

- A tragicomedy, an exotic journey, a story of friendship, and a marital stocktaking: all mixed together in this novel!
- A smart and pointed narrative - told with equal parts humor and depth


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26193-7
9. März 2018