Another Morning

“The best path is always just your own.”

Recently, Eva Heinrich has been a real monster. She bawls out her well-meaning co-worker and evicts her children’s hamster. She searches online for a one-night stand and mixes a laxative into her husband’s beer. Her fifteen-year marriage to Peter has been a good one. She is the mother of two wonderful children, enjoys a large circle of friends, and was recently promoted to departmental manager. Why can’t she just be happy? Her life takes an unexpected turn on New Year’s Eve when she meets and falls for Anna, her boss’s girlfriend.

- A bittersweet tale of love and self-discovery
- Compelling and succinctly told

Praise for The Letter
-“From page one, the reader is completely captivated by the story. You even forget to breathe. And after the final page, you feel practically dizzy after such an amazing and pleasurable reading experience.” Susann Fleischer, literaturmarkt.info


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26194-4
29. März 2018