Love is Green

Love after the happy ending

Elisabeth is in her mid-forties, and she volunteers at the hospital as a so-called Green Lady. This is how she comes to meet old Mr. Green who sits with her by his wife’s deathbed and regales her with stories about their great love for each other. Overwhelmed by so much romance, Elisabeth compares these stories with her own marriage to Robert. And she becomes increasingly unhappy. After over two decades together, passion is only a tired flicker, habits have settled in, and instead of children, chickens are now running through the garden - Robert’s latest hobby. Something must change! And yet, Elisabeth’s self-concocted marriage rescue program threatens to run completely amok.

“If she could only have one of them, which would she choose: love or marriage?”

- A story not only about how love develops, but about how it lasts
- Humorous and emotional - happy ending included


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26198-2
31. Mai 2018