QUANTUM – Lethal Matter

A new superweapon. A determined scientist. And a race against time.

Physicist Nicola Caneddu is enjoying a post-work beer - but only a few moments later, he finds himself in the hands of brutal kidnappers who want to force him to give up information about a secret tunnel at CERN. Nicola escapes and starts to investigate this matter, on his own at first - and then on behalf of the US President. What he uncovers is a plot to build a superweapon of tremendous dimensions. As an unwilling agent, Nicola lands in a scenario that he had only ever encountered in action films. However, his immense knowledge in the field of elementary particle research makes him a valued ally in a struggle that could change the entire world as we know it.

  • Action fireworks extraordinaire
  • For readers of Mark Elsberg and Tom Clancy
  • The author knows what he is writing about, having spent years as a CERN researcher


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26260-6
13. März 2020