One More Flying Start

My second life with a brain pacemaker: Instructions on how to live with Parkinson’s

Despite Parkinson’s: “My new adventure is called life”

Christian Jung was in his mid-forties when he received his Parkinson’s diagnosis. As a scientific journalist, Jung was able to quickly figure out what this finding meant for him. Theoretically, at least - because he couldn’t really know what it would be like to live with a disease that would progress unrelentingly. When he reached the point that his mobility became so limited that he had to crawl painstakingly into the bathroom at night, he decided to undergo an operation and have a brain pacemaker implanted. With this step, his second life began.
In this book, Christian Jung tells his story and describes the current state of research into Parkinson’s. He presents the disease’s basic mechanisms, treatment and pharmaceutical options, drugs, and therapies. One More Flying Start is a book that promotes hope and courage: informative, critical, open, and funny, through and through.

  • The fascinating story of a patient whose brain pacemaker has given him a new lease on life
  • A helpful advice book that presents all there is to know about Parkinson’s, including the current state of research related to treatment options, pharmaceutical options, drugs, and therapies


dtv Ratgeber
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26262-0
24. April 2020