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Queen of Effing Everything

How to Get the Amazing Life that Suits You

Effective immediately, the world belongs to me again!

“And now it’s my turn!” - this sentiment coincides with many women’s feelings about their lives. They have achieved a lot, shouldered a lot, and choked down a lot. Now the desire for an independent life of their own is growing. But how do you transform negative emotions, like disappointment, anger and frustration, into the positive energy necessary to make the relevant changes?
Bestselling author Sabine Asgodom knows what it means to sideline your own needs and to primarily just function for others. She speaks openly about the upheavals in her own life. However she also knows how good it feels to throw the switch. In this solution-oriented workbook, she helps her readers to set and pursue their personal goals. This begins with being honest with yourself and those in your life. The strategies then move on to strengthening skills in conflict resolution, perspective changes, decision-making competencies, and self-confidence, and concludes with methods for leading a self-determined life.
Step by step, you can become the “Queen of Effing Everything” in your own life.

  • For all women who have had to marginalize their own needs over the years
  • Sabine Asgodom knows what she is writing about - based on her own personal experiences and coaching practice
  • Former books by the author have been sold to China, Italy, Poland and The Netherlands


dtv Ratgeber
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26275-0
2. Auflage 2020