The Barbarian in Us Must Find Love

Why our country is so brutal and how we can defend ourselves against it

The political voice of the YouTube Generation

Many people still believe that progress is a given, but that isn’t actually the case. The barbarian inside of us is returning to the surface, and our society is becoming dumber, colder, and more ruthless. Bestselling author Rayk Anders rigorously analyzes the reasons why we fall back into age-old behavioral patterns. Why is the public’s tone always angry? Why does fear and hysteria poison our thought patterns? How much do the power-hungry politicians and unscrupulous media figures affect our lives? Is our dark side our “true nature” - or can we be more than this and overcome the barbaric wiring inside of us?
How can we cope with the worst part of ourselves? We have to block its path - or it will destroy our future.

• One of the most successful political bloggers in Germany: 120,000 YouTube subscribers and 50 million video views
• Parallels are drawn and brought to light provocatively


dtv Sachbuch
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26296-5
23. April 2021