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After Someone Dies, I'll Be There

The last on in this case doesn't turn out the lights but mops up the blood...

Thomas Kundt is a crime scene cleaner. How did that come about? Pure coincidence! Podcaster and author Tarkan Bagci tells Thomas Kundt’s crazy story. He had been an amateur antiques collector, but then one day, he suddenly found himself on all fours, scrubbing the blood-smeared floor of a laundry room. He had long wished to have an exciting life - but this? In this book, he describes the crime scenes in which he discovered missing toes, the messy apartments filled with piles
of trash meters tall, and the fates you can never forget. A darkly humorous story about death and, above all, human existence.

• A light-hearted book about serious moments: Thomas Kundt’s crazy path to becoming a crime scene cleaner and his quirky stories


dtv Sachbuch
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26310-8
17. September 2021