Moral Tyranny

How "doing the right thing" obstructs our so

If you lie, cheat, defraud or generally step out of line, then trip up and get caught, you have to expect social disgrace to the point of ostracism – even if you happen to be part of the upper echelons. That wasn’t always the case; there’s a new breed of moral tyranny afoot.

Does this development indicate a rise of moral standards? Do we really set greater store by morals or are the scandals surrounding corruption, drugs and tax evasion provoked by social tension in a competitive society shot through with envy? Günter Ogger believes it’s a point well worth considering —because the fuss about the new power of morality is rapidly turning into a business in its own right.

  • a no-holds-barred, trenchant analysis


dtv Sachbuch
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28053-2
1. Mai 2015