What is it we’re looking for—in ourselves, in others, in faraway places?

Berlin, summer 2013: Clara, a young doctor, quite literally runs into Amal when their bicycles are involved in a minor collision. Amal, a 21-year old Iraqi student, has fled Baghdad and is applying for asylum in Germany; her mother is an archaeologist, her father a doctor who disappeared a long time ago, most likely abducted due to his political persuasions. Clara is fascinated by Amal, and the two women form a tentative friendship just as Clara’s relationship with her boyfriend Tarun is going through a particularly rocky patch. When she discovers Amal’s grandmother has died, Clara makes a snap decision—she’ll fly out to Baghdad to be at Amal’s mother side in her friend’s stead. Little does she realise quite how far-reaching the changes in their lives will be – for her and Tarun, as well as for Amal.

A sensitively narrated novel about hope and sincerity; about life in a faraway country, friendship and a place to call home. What begins with a minor accident culminates in a dramatic climax—for Amal, Clara, and the reader, too.

• following her successful debut The Flow – the new novel by Hannah Dübgen
• a German doctor, a student from Baghdad and an Indian architect
• the absorbing story of a friendship that defies borders—profoundly human and bang up to date


dtv Literatur
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28094-5
26. August 2016