Sigmar Gabriel

Patronage and Provocation

He is arguably the most eloquent speaker in the Bundestag, the German Parliament—but the electorate is wary of him.

Since the days of Willy Brandt, no one has headed the SPD (Social Democratic Party) for as long as Sigmar Gabriel—but among his party members he is more feared than respected, never mind loved. He can be inspiring, captivating and convincing—but he also has the power to alienate, frustrate, and disturb. Sigmar Gabriel is a man who polarises opinion; indifference is not an option.

So who is this man who sees the SPD as his surrogate family and views politics as his life’s mission? What’s the story behind the ups and downs of his life? What exactly does he want? And above all: Is it possible to envisage him as Germanys’ future chancellor?

• based on over a hundred interviews with political colleagues, adversaries and the man himself
• a fresh perspective on the vice-chancellor


dtv Sachbuch
328 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28104-1
11. November 2016