1967 - Scenes from an Unforgettable Year

When women were banned from running marathons…

Keith Richards is busted for the first time and Che Guevara is shot dead. The Beatles release Sergeant Pepper and the "Colonel’s Coup" takes place in Greece. In Germany they are working on emergency laws. Martin Luther King takes a stand against the Vietnam War and Twiggy is star model of the year. A woman kitted out as a man takes part in the Boston Marathon—an event from which women are banned. When the truth comes out, it sparks an international scandal…

The year 1967 unfolds in the form of iconic events and encounters that Sabine Pampérrien recounts as current events. Based on authentic material, her book focuses on life—the quotidian and the exceptional, the general atmosphere and the public opinion, the heroes and the villains of politics, literature and popular culture.


dtv Sachbuch
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28127-0
10. Februar 2017